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NHRC is your source for High-Value, Low-Cost Repeater Controller Solutions.

NHRC has been delivering state-of-the-art, powerful, yet inexpensive repeater controller solutions since 1997. We design and build for the amateur radio and land mobile radio sectors. Our products are professionally engineered from the ground up for simplicity and reliability. We offer a complete line of repeater controllers and related accessories.

* COVID 19 Impacts to NHRC *

NHRC will be closed indefinitely as a result of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

We are working to fulfill all orders received prior to April 15, 2020.

We are not accepting new orders until we figure out how we can fulfill them.

We will not be available for telephone calls during this time.

Very limited technical support may be available during this time by email only.

Thank you for your patronage. Be safe, stay well. We will get through this.

Repeater Controllers

Our controllers range from the NHRC-2.1 partial kit, an inexpensive repeater controller with real stored speech, to our NHRC-7 Interoperability Repeater Controller. We currently are selling six different repeater controller products, as well as several repeater accessory products.

Repeater Controllers for GE MASTR II & Custom MVP

We make versions of some of our popular repeater controllers for the GE MASTR II and Custom MVP. The NHRC-3/M2+ and NHRC-4/M2 fit in MASTR II mobiles and stations, and the NHRC-4/MVP is installs inside the Custom MVP. We also make the NHRC-VSQ,a internal plug-in volume and squelch control for the GE MASTR II, and the NHRC-M2/SC MASTR II station interface card.

Repeater Accessories

We manufacture a variety of repeater accessories, including the NHRC-DAD Digital Audio Delay and the NHRC-Squelch, a microprocessor controlled squelch that fights signal fade.

DTMF Remote Control

We also make the NHRC-Remote+, an Intelligent DTMF Remote Control for up to 8 loads, which can provide command confirmation and other feedback.

Partial Kits

We provide several products as partial kits, for experimenters and hobbiests. Our partial kit products include the printed circuit board, difficult-to-obtain components, and complete assembly guides. The NHRC-2.1 is available as a partial kit.

Our Philosophy about Firmware and Software

You won't be seeing lots of firmware updates for our products. Our products are functionally complete and fully tested at the time of shipment. We are not in the Windows software business, either. For our products that can be programmed from a Windows PC, the Windows software is included in the purchase price, and free for our customer and prospective customers to download from our web site. We are a controller company, not a software house.

We have over 2,500 satisfied customers, and there are thousands of repeaters worldwide operating with NHRC products.