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NHRC-4/MVP Repeater Controller
An Integrated Linking Repeater Controller
for General Electric Custom MVP Radios

The NHRC-4/MVP is a specialized version of our NHRC-4 linking repeater controller, designed for installation inside a General Electric Custom MVP transceiver. The controller installs in place of of the GE channel-guard board.

The controller has a "primary" and a "secondary" radio port. The primary port is used for the controlling repeater, and the secondary port can be used for a remote base, link radio, or "slaved" repeater. Unique courtesy tones provide feedback of the input source and link state.

The controller is programmable by sending DTMF sequences. The CW ID, hang time, ID timer, timeout timer and tail message counter can all be programmed by the user. All programming is password-protected, and is stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory.

[Picture of NHRC-4/MVP Controller]
Click image to view a bigger picture,
and an image of the controller
installed in a Custom MVP.
  • Easily installs into a Custom MVP, producing a complete, compact repeater.
  • Secondary port can be remote base, link radio or slaved duplex repeater.
  • "Intelligent" ID algorithm.
  • Distinctive Courtesy Tones can indicate channel activity:
    • primary receiver courtesy tone.
    • primary receiver courtesy tone, secondary port transmit enabled.
    • secondary receiver courtesy tone.
    • secondary receiver courtesy tone, secondary port transmit enabled.
    • primary receiver courtesy tone, secondary receiver active, alert mode selected.
  • 1 Digital output:
    • Fan control (runs when transmitter on and n minutes after).
    • On/Off/Pulse commands.
    • Open-collector output.
  • Touch-Tone remote control and programming.
  • Hang timer, ID timer, Timeout timers, Fan Timer, and CW messages stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Individual audio gating on each port allows use of non-squelched receiver audio.
  • LED CAS, PTT, and DTMF indicators for primary port.
    CAS and PTT indicators for secondary port.
  • Extremely low power consumption.
Version 3.0 Manuals

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NHRC-4/MVP Integrated Linking Repeater Controller
for GE Custom MVP
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